News from the road

Wooooow… Thanx to all the folks who showed up @ Plein 79, Den Bosch, last Sunday! It was one hell of a rockin’ matinee: lotsa amps, lotsa decibels, lotsa good times. It’s always a pleasure to pay a visit to Plein 79, especially when the place is filled with rockin’ folks like yesterday. We played a good 45 minutes ’round 1600ish and we literally gave all we got. Enjoy this pic of yesterday’s gig by PhotoMike… The Fury. The Blast. THE ROCK.


Be sure to witness the next BBR blow-out: Saturday the 31st of January at Little Devil, Tilburg. Buddies on the bill are -YES, once again!- Troy Torino and the low-down psyched-out stonerboys from Maaswater Veenlijk (or, as we call them, Blaaskater Steenpuist).


You will hate yourself forever if you’re not there, next Saturday. No joke.

Studioreport: new tracks comin’ up

Howdee friends!

Last week Black Bottle Riot recorded two originals at the Trailer Trash Studios. They’re called In The Balance and Exit Spoiler. Here’s a short studioreport on the three days we spent in the Trailer Trash Hole – shaping sounds, placing mics, having a good time, puttin’ up a fight, smokin’ some, drinkin’ some, puttin’ out a fire, et cetera, und so weiter. That’s how it goes.


First gig with Pieter was CRUSHIN’

Howdee music lovers!

Last weekend we had our first gig with Pieter on drums. It was a cool Sunday Matinee @ De Zaak, Lichtenvoorde, organised by our friend Wout from The Bloody Honkies.


Birth of Joy kicked it off ’round 1700h and they did a damn fine job! Some good MC5 meets Blue Cheer grooves goin’ on right there. After that we had one hour to do our boogie from hell and we literally managed to blow the curls outta some afros (and some stuff fell from the wall and ceiling).


Pieter owns the fucking place

New Black Bottle Riot drummer Pieter Hendriks definitely wins the Award for Coolest First News Item. View these pics of his brand new drumsticks! No explanation needed.


So… Make sure you get your ass to our next gig for some earcrushing Rock ‘N’ Roll. This will be Pieter’s first BBR gig and it will be bad-ass, with some new material and all. Other acts on the bill are Elle Bandita and Birth Of Joy. Don’t miss out on it!


Rockin’ regards, BBR

New drummer! Welcome Pieter Hendriks!

Black Bottle Riot is very proud to announce their new drummer. His name is Pieter Hendriks. Pieter is an extremely talented and experienced musician. You might know him from one of his previous bands (to name a few: Born From Pain, Close Second and Johnny Cash tribute act The Orange Blossom Special).


This is what Jaap has to say about it: (meer…)

More raving reviews

Friends, thanx for a couple of awesome dates. There are a lot of websites with reviews and pics of the gigs, we can’t list ‘em all here. Cool stuff!


Some links for the eager readers: here’s a review by 3voor12 on De Affaire gig and some audio from that same gig. Plus a very complimentary review by FileUnder about the Appelpop gig.


Catch y’all on the flipside! BBR

BBR crankin’ it up this summer

A short message from BBR HQ: Black Bottle Riot will be playing a couple of outdoor gigs this summer. BBR will rock De Affaire, Huntenpop and Appelpop! Be sure to get upfront, point your finger and sing along.


Because we will kick your ass.


New gigs! Grab your filofax!

June 27, 2008 @ Merleyn, Nijmegen, Gelderland.
Show in Nijmegen’s rockinest Merleyn. Cool rock night with Howlin Rain from the US of A. These guys toured with QOTSA a couple of months ago and they will be touring with The Black Crowes later this year. Be there or be square.


August 1, 2008 @ Nederweert Live Open Air, Nederweert, Limburg.
Open air festival. Great way to really crank up the Marshalls! Other bands on the bill: Leaf & Voicst.


October 18, 2008 @ Paraplufabriek, Nijmegen, Gelderland.
Show at the legendary Paraplufabriek. Old school rocknight with our friends Barbarella and Troy Torino. Bring yo’ earplugs!


October 25, 2008 @ 013 Batcave, Tilburg, Noord-Brabant.
Hard rocking evening with The Dirty Bastards and The Stealers! Woohoo! This is gonna be a nasty nite for y’all.


First of all: Thanks to everybody who showed up last Tuesday in the NDRGRND in Nijmegen! It was a fantastic evening. As the place was getting pretty packed Lea took the stage. Armed with just her guitar and her voice Lea played a beautiful set. Her songs are breathtaking and she really shines on stage.


Hair of the Dog… But what a night!

AAAAARGH… Where are my keys? Where’s my wallet?

Waking up this morning was not as peaceful as I hoped it would be. Couldn’t find my regular stuff. I must have been really wasted last night…


We played The Maddogs in Groesbeek. (meer…)

What’s up with that?

Black Bottle Riot is in the game, but what’s up with that name? Since we get a lot of questions about our name, we’ll come to meet your demands. BBR at your service!


Apart from the obvious mixture of a Southern vibe in “Black Bottle” & the hint of punky energy in the “Riot” part, there’s more to the story. The idea was originally derived from a historical film on the Crimean War, called “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. (meer…)

First gig was a blast!

Last night Black Bottle Riot had its first gig at the always chillin’ & thrillin’ Plu Pub in Nijmegen! This was a good showcase for us, as we had the honour of playing at the 62nd birthday of our good pal Bas Aaftink. (Don’t be fooled by his looks or chit-chat, he IS that old.)


The Pub was filled with a lotta music lovers and we had thirty minutes to show ‘em what we got. (meer…)

BBR records first demo

Last week BBR recorded four originals for their upcoming EP “Stay Hungry”. Here’s some info on the first day in the studio…

We decided to have an early start. While “early” isn’t really a word that fits the band, we managed to get to Hilversum at 10 A.M. sharp. First we had to take all the gear into the studio. Quite a struggle ‘cause we took all the amps and guitars we could lay our dirty hands on.

After setting up the amps and guitars we were ready for the soundcheck. (meer…)

BBR online

Black Bottle Riot salutes you!

Welcome to the website of Black Bottle Riot, a brand new rockband from Nijmegen, The Netherlands. Online since Saturday February 20th 2008.

BBR consists of four balls-to-the-wall rockers that have a common goal: to bring back Rock ‘N’ Roll as it was meant to be. This doesn’t mean that the boys live in the past, but their music certainly has a rootsy feel. Black Bottle Riot draws inspiration from the swamps of the Southern states of America, which can be traced in the somewhat bluesy feel. On the other hand, there’s a punky, energetic DIY-attitude that fires things up. It’s in your face and that’s where it stays. A friend described Black Bottle Riot as a mix of Lynyrd Skynyrd and The Ramones – which we celebrated with a beer.

On this fancy website, there’s enough to keep you busy for a while. Get ready for some action!

Rockin’ regards, BBR

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