Sneak peak

We’re getting closer to the 11-11-11 releaseparty and that means you can almost get your hands on this little piece of R’N'R!

Almost fifty minutes of Southern R’N'R, eleven BBR originals. What about the out-of-limits speedster Doin’ Fine, the mastodontic boogie Exit Spoiler, the slide-grindin’ In The Balance and of course BBR’s anthem to keep y’all psyched: Stay Hungry. Psychedelics, ballads and acoustics are also featured allover the record.

Just one thing: PLAY IT LOUD!!

For those who can’t make it to our releaseparty: pre-order it thru bol.com. Although we prefer you go to your local albumstore and pay less for your pre-order. Saves you a penny for a cold beer.

On the road again! Some dates for ya

While we’re busy preparing for the releasetour – as you can see in this pic – our booking agency SOZ Concerts is doing a fine job in setting up the dates!

Here are the first gigs, more to follow

05-11-2011 | Helmond, Muziekcafé | Try-out

11-11-2011 | Nijmegen, Doornroosje | ALBUM RELEASE SHOW, NL

12-11-2011 | Antwerpen, Trix| ALBUM RELEASE SHOW, B

20-11-2011 | Haarlem, Patronaat | with Black Stone Cherry

26-11-2011 | Rotterdam, Exit | with Crowley

15-12-2011 | Den Bosch, W2 | with De Staat

16-12-2011 | Leeuwarden, Schaaf | with De Staat

17-12-2011 | Hengelo, Metropool | with De Staat

18-12-2011 | Amsterdam, Paradiso | with De Staat


Releaseparty: Friday 11-11-11 @ Doornroosje, Nijmegen

This nite isn’t called “An Evening With BBR” for nothing. It will be something different for y’all… We’ll be excellent hosts and we’ve got some nice surprises for the ears, eyes and bellies! Hints will follow thru our FaceBook page, as well as some give-aways. Click on the poster to visit the Doornroosje website and get your tickets right away.

Video-launch-BBQ-matinee for invited

BBR organised a BBQ for some friends last Sunday. It was our way of thanking the folks that helped us over the years. Plus it was a nice way to present our video of ‘Bright Light City’ to some people we wanted to welcome in our team. Of course this matinee was drenched with gallons of Texas Pete BBQ Sauce, beer and whiskey. The headaches are silent witnesses.

BBR & Suburban Records

Hey Chickenwings & Drumsticks!


Our debut album will be released thru Suburban Records! Last Sunday we inked our deal at Studio Barbarossa and we’re looking forward to working together with these rocking maniacs. More news on release date & release party, artwork and our new booking agency will follow soon. Follow us on FaceBook!

Lotsa news about our Debut Album comin’ up!

We’ve been working a lot behind the scenes lately. And not without result, we’re glad to say!


The release of our debut album will happen in November 2011! Very soon we’ll update our website and FaceBook page with exact info about the release. Info will follow about…


- with which label will we work together?

- which will be our NEW booking agency?

- when will we hit stages again?

- when will our video clips get launched?

- when is our album available?


So keep your eyes on this website and our FaceBook page. This train will be on track soon enough!

BBR & AUC Bookings

While working hard on our debut album, we’re also making sure Black Bottle Riot will be rockin’ you off your socks soon enough. So we’re glad to announce that from this moment on, all our bookings will be taken care of by AUC Bookings. From now on you can contact Sam Frijhoff if you want to make sure our R’N'R party is comin’ to your stage!


See y’all next Saturday @ Festival Zeeltje, Deest? Besides BBR there’s The Bips, Tommy Ebben and a lot more!


Cheers friends,


HOTDAMN. Thank you. Rockin’ Park & Zwarte Cross were TOTALLY INSANE.













Check this feature about Black Bottle Riot doin’ the Rockin’ Park gig, with some live video material and interviews as well.


Here are some cool articles on BBR’s summer festival gigs:


- Article in De Gelderlander, Rockin’ Park

- Review on Rockportaal, Rockin’ Park

Tante Rikie dug our gig as well, Zwarte Cross


See ya soon! BBR

Time to catch up with y’all

Howdee friends!

Hope you all are doing well. BBR sure is, too! We REALLY have to catch up with you guys, been a long time since we added some news on our website. That doesn’t mean we’re scratching our balls. Here’s some news and there soon will be more.


Recording process

First off, we’re having one hell of a party down at Studio Barbarossa. Tyrannosauric drums, rattling basses deeper than the U96, grindin’ & slidin’ guitars and some roaring vocals… It’s all there and it’s got the 4 C’s: Clarity, Color, Cut and some goddamn Carat! You know we like to do things at our own pace, so we need some time to round things off. Maybe Autumn? Who knows.


Some weeks booked @ Studio Barbarossa

Great news: Black Bottle Riot will hit the studio this December and January!


After a year and a half of playing gigs, jamming in our rehearsal barn and perfecting our sound and songs we’re ready to record our debut album. This means that we won’t be onstage ’till the end of January 2010 (Oudewater Rockcity Fest w/ a.o. Hulkk, Black Bone & Bang Bang Bazooka). We’ll keep you informed on the status of the recordings and the release of this sure-to-be asskicker.


In the last months we did a pile of cool shows @ Popronde, Gesel XL and Polderpop. We tried and tested some new material while still holding some stuff back, only to be heard when the album is finished. Could be you were at one or more of our shows and got yourself a preview!


If you want to catch us live for the last time in the next two months… Get your ass to skatepark Area 51, Eindhoven, November 21st for a night of R’N'R.

3voor12: “These guys get better and better”

Summer 2009

We hope you’re all enjoying a good summer. Black Bottle Riot certainly has a creative summer! We’re working on a lot of new stuff: waking up with some kick-ass riffs, arranging songs and writing some lowdown lyrics. Slowly – yes, slowly – BBR is working towards a debut album. Early September we’ll be onstage and rock the curls outta your mullet at the nice & cozy Polderpop Fest.


Waalkade review & pics

The latest gig Black Bottle Riot played was at the enormous Waalkade stage during the Four Day Marches in our hometown Nijmegen. Hot damn! What a day!! Here’s a flattering 3voor12 review. And a video for some atmospheric impressions (also nice for the gearfreaks):




Double Trouble from the Road

Black Bottle Riot had two great nights in a row. Friday’s Nijmegen Rock City (NRC) Launch Party with our friends of Barbarella and Navarone was an absolutely rockin’ blast! Merleyn was packed on this SOLD OUT nite. Yeah baby! NRC is on the map. Here’s Friday’s 3voor12 review.


Saturday’s Party was Killer. Black Bottle Riot hit the stage together with Sister Johnson, Bob Ross Explosion and our buddies from Bandito. Again, WHAT a night! We presented some new material and the response was very good. Great to see a lot of folks took the opportunity to travel to Groesbeek using the supporter’s bus. And we sold quite an amount of t-shirts, always a good sign! Here’s Saturday’s 3voor12 review.


We’d like to thank Mike & Jord of NRC. These guys are the best. Visit www.nijmegenrockcity.nl for more info. Oh, and we take it that July 19th is in your agenda already? BBR & De Staat @ Waalkade, Nijmegen during the Summerfest. Prepare for a HUGE R’N'R Party, folks!


Till then, BBR

BBR joins Popronde this year

Black Bottle Riot is one of the 100 selected bands for Popronde 2009.

For those who are not familiar with Popronde: this is not just another festival. Popronde is a travelling music festival, in which 100 bands and artists will take over 23 Dutch cities. Each city has its’ own date, each city has its’ own choice of rock ‘n’ roll, each city will party ’till dawn! This will take place September thru November 2009. There are a lot of cool acts on the Popronde bill, including Hooghwater, The Mad Trist and our Nijmegen City friends of Lea (Slea!!!) and Barbarella.

Don’t miss out on it!

Sharp Dressed Men & more news

New shirts

We have a new T-Shirt design. it’s made by designer Wytse Sterk. Shirts are available in two colors. Orange on brown and yellow on black. For the ladies we have a stylish lightblue shirt with white print. Shirts are already selling like crazy, so be quick. For 10 Euro’s (ex postage) you’re all set for a hot summer! Interested? E-mail us: info@blackbottleriot.com


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