Helluva year comin’ up!

Friends! This is gonna be a good year for Black Bottle Riot. We kicked it off @ Eurosonic/Noorderslag in Groningen last week and it was a KILLER NITE. 100% Party. We’ll be comin’ your way sometime this year. Contact our booking agent (kevin@sozconcerts.nl) if you want to be totally sure of that.


So… Got the debut record? Got the T-shirt? All designs of ‘em? Well, at this moment we’re recording a couple of NEW TRACKS for a 10″ record. VINYL indeed. Totally fresh originals by yours truly, thus prepare to expand your BBR merch collection this Spring.


And folks, if you like to read and your outta books: check this BBR interview at NU.NL. Or this review plus interview in FRET magazine. Cheers!


Paradiso, Amsterdam | 18-12-11

W2, Den Bosch | 15-12-11

Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Thanx to the following folks for a great “Let It Snow Tour” this December: our buddies in De Staat & their great roadcrew, the nice bunch of people that work at W2, MC Schaaf, Metropool & Paradiso, the party-cyco audience that came out to the shows, the maniacs who filmed the shows and put ‘em on YouTube, and – certainly not least – the BBR (for this tour) down-sized, wonderful roadcrew of Rob Roadie & Vicious Veltman.


New video comin’ up!

Friends! Last weekend we shot a video clip for the stone cold rocker ‘Turning The Tide’. Our friends of Odd Field Film did an excellent job, according to us. They are maniacs… Cracks in the ceiling! A Boozer’s Shoot-Out! You can see for yourself within time what we like about this new video, as it’ll be on YouTube as soon as December 8th.

First bookings for 2012

Tank it up, we’re goin’ on a roadtrip!

Fri 13th January | EUROSONIC, GRONINGEN | SUBURBAN NITE @ De Walrus | w/ Birth of Joy, Automatic Sam & Shaking Godspeed

Fri 17th February | KROEPOEKFABRIEK, VLAARDINGEN | w/ Automatic Sam

Sat 25th February | UKIEN, KAMPEN | w/ TBA

Sat 10th March | MADDOGS, GROESBEEK | w/ TBA


More comin’ up!

Lust For Life zine: “Freebird galore!”

Friends! How about the asskicking review above, from the Lust For Life zine? ”Get your boots on, put some bricks on the BBQ and pop that 40.” Somebody got the message straight!  Before you head over to Haarlem’s Patronaat for our gig with Black Stone Cherry tomorrow, here some more stuff to read for y’all:


- Lust For Life interview: “No need for a straight line to the top”

- Live XS interview: “We just do what we do”

- Blues Magazine album review: “It hits you like a ton of bricks”

- Livereviewer gig review: “Rock solid”

Trix, Antwerpen | 12-11-11

Doornroosje, Nijmegen | 11-11-11

Sold Out Release Show @ Doornroosje


Thanx for an awesome night at Doornroosje, friends. It was a SOLD OUT night!  YES. Sorry to the many folks who had come to nothing but a closed door. What a way to start our journey together.


We started 11-11-11 with a spray can or two, as you can see in this video:

De Gelderlander (newspaper) wrote an article on our polite way of tagging, go HERE to read it.


Click on the following pic to view more atmospheric pics by a.o. Willie Kerkhof & Bernard Bodt. Guest musicians and cheerleaders included!

Click for pics


We’d like to share more 11-11-11 media with you. Maybe YOU made some cool pics or vids as well. Feel free to reply to this message and post a link to your stuff.


Catch y’all on the flipside! Next Sunday @ Patronaat with Black Stone Cherry!

Fresh from The Press


The first reviews on our debut album are being published as we speak. And it seems like the press digs it!


- Dutch rockzine Lust For Life honors the album with four out of five stars and says ‘this album is so tough, I just might get me a tattoo’. Sure thing! Zine will be instore tomorrow.


- Lords Of Metal (81/100) states that BBR ‘grasps the sound and feel of the Southern States, while making it sound fresher ánd heavier’. Must be the smell of Texas Pete’s BBQ sauce.


- According to White Room, BBR ‘will blow its’ own Texan whirlwind’. Now that’s a nice one! How do they come up with that…?



If you want to read some more about BBR, here are two (Dutch) interviews for y’all: 3voor12 & Ugenda.


Thanx, press folks! More comin’ up. Take care, BBR

Pre-album Gigs | 2008-2011

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