III: Indigo Blues

III: Indigo Blues (2015)



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‘III: Indigo Blues’ carries darker matter than the juke-joint anthem-filled first two albums. Of course, the riffs still invite you to spill your beverage, but a stiff dose of melancholy drags you to shadier corners and more emotional involvement. This is the inevitable expression of personal hardship after releasing the previous album,‘Soul In Exile’. Alcohol, the loss of a loved one and friends, plus loss of day jobs and even homes. There was a period of feeling down and out, taking wrong turns and bad karma while writing the third album.

“We definitely aren’t carefree anymore and that adds even more depth and soul to our music” according to bassist Jaap van den Berg. He and his mates manage to translate experiences from this downward spiral into a coherent album rich in moods and tempers. “On our two previous albums we went to great lengths to achieve perfect sounds. III isn’t meant to sound ‘pretty’ or ‘nice’ ” says vocalist/guitarist Simon Snel. While listening to the album in full, you can’t help but to see the wrinkles, bloodshot eyes and grey hair gradually emerging. Because life can give you the blues. And Indigo Blue is the most intense blue of all.

Recorded and mixed at Galloway Studios, Nijmegen by Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt. Additional recordings at OCD Recordings, New Orleans by Duane Simoneaux. More additional recordings at Inga Street Studios, Nashville by Paul Niehaus.
Mastered at Magic Garden Mastering, Los Angeles by Brian Lucey.

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