The Allman Brothers Band Tribute @ De Hip, Deventer

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Yes folks, this will be freaking awesome. A one-off ALLMAN BROTHERS tribute session, celebrating the sounds and atmospheres the good people distributed from Macon, Georgia, in the late sixties and early seventies. Well, they still exist and play a great show. But… This session consists solely of tracks from the early days when Duane and Dickey ripped your fucking ears off with their chops. Not to be missed, if you care to hear the classics from the South. Ooooomph.

This tribute session features members from De Staat (Vedran and Tim, guitar and drums), DeWolff (Pablo and Robin, guitar and organ), Guild of Stags/Drive Like Maria (Bram, drums) and… BBR’s Mike (on bass instead of guitar!). Bring some shrooms!!

Here’s a short video of the rehearsal. Check De Staat’s Tim van Delft and Drive Like Maria’s Bram van den Berg SMOKIN’ that stuff.