Plufest, Nijmegen

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Black Bottle Riot loves Plu

BBR & Plu go way back. This certainly was as much as a there could’ve been a “BBR headquarters” for about 6 years. We did our first gig in the Plu café, rehearsed in the basement of the Plu, shot press pics and video clips all over the place, organised some BBQ and (too many to recall) drinking nights, got a bunch of tattoos at Frank’s Liquid Sky and – not to forget - Mr Simon Snel lived in the building for about 12 years. It’s where we drove our van into the wall when hurrying to get to the gig in time. It’s where we repeatedly experimented with absinth, all sorts of hot sauce and some other ‘stuff’. It’s where we crashed when we were too drunk to get on our feet. Time and time over again.

This place is very special to all of us and we feel blessed and honoured to be able to return. Let’s make this a special one.

BBR @ Plu, 2010

BBR @ Plu, 2010