Oranjepop, Nijmegen

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    The Naked Dweat Drips, Mozes and the Firstborn, Knarsetand and more
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Black Bottle Riot is psyched to play this year’s Oranjepop Festival in their hometown! We always visit it for the relaxed vibe, excellent bill and – how do they manage to fix this? – ditto weather. It will be the second time BBR plays Oranjepop; first time was back in 2010.

Here’s a video from Oranjepop 2010, featuring an interview in Dutch (Simon & Mike already drank a couple of cold ones, that’s obvious) and some live footage:

And here’s a fun fact for you: Mike played Oranjepop as well back in 2005, with his rockin’ bluescombo The Doubleshots. Can you spot Mike on this pic? Who are those other guys? And doesn’t that white Marshall plexi amp seem familiar?

Click on pic to see who's who.

Click on pic above to see who’s who.