End of 2015: Closure

BBR line-up 2008-2015

Last Sunday we closed 2015 with a very special gig in our hometown Nijmegen. Thank all of you for coming out and making Pieter’s last gig on BBR drums one hell of a party. In the past 7 and a half years we’ve written, composed, rehearsed, recorded, toured, laughed, fought, smoked and drank till we couldn’t see. That chapter now ends. There couldn’t have been a better way to round it off at the beautiful venue of Doornroosje with so many friends, as well onstage as in front it. Backing vocalists Floor and PennyLeen did an awesome job on ten songs, with the added fuel of Mike Roelofs on Hammond organ and Moog bass plus our buddy and producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt on guitars and vocals. This gave us wings and we feel like we took off during the show. What better metaphor can you think of, considering?

BBR won’t quit since we’ve got that rambling fever. We’re very excited to inform you in the near future about our new drummer!

Thanx Pieter ‘Bakkie’ Hendriks! Love, Simon, Jaap & Mike

P.S. Pics of the Doornroosje show can be found HERE (Ariane van Ginneke) and HERE (Marscha van Druuten).

Statement from Pieter Hendriks

Dear friends, here’s a personal message from drummer extraordinaire Pieter Hendriks.

“All good things come to an end. With that said I’m announcing my retirement as the drummer for Black Bottle Riot. After seven awesome years with great shows, tours and comradery I’ve entered a new phase in my life. It’s not possible to commit myself to playing live as much as needed to make this machine called Black Bottle Riot work, so that’s why the four of us agreed to look for a new drummer.

I want to thank Mike, Simon and Jaap for all the great memories. The endless hours spend in vans, studios, clubs, backstages and mainly all the great times at restaurants feasting on food, beer and whiskey. I love you like a family.

Before I was asked to join this band I was a big fan and that’s the way I’ll leave this band: as a fan. I wish the boys all the luck in the world with my replacement – which is going to be an amazing new chapter for this band.

Musically I’m going to focus on The Establishment, my other band with Jaap on guitar. Who knows what else will cross my path in time.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to take this moment to thank some amazing people I’ve worked with and became friends with during my time in Black Bottle Riot: the roadcrew Sebastiaan “si” Kemperman & David “Limbo” Stevens (Get to the chopper!), Bart & Suburban Records, Dikke Ivo, Jerome, Emiel El Pinguino, Roen Kutten, Vleeskind Ruben, Hanza, Svenlens, Rob Roadie, Ploom, Van Bijlevelt, Tuk, Skimp, Vicious Veltman, Frank “Tequila” Drank, Tim van Delft and the ladies from De Staat, Mioch, Weerts, Ivo “how do I tune down?” van Kempen, all the awesome people in the Nijmegen rockcity scene, (almost) all the bands we ever played with, all our fans and if I forgot to mention anybody; text me and I’ll buy you a beer during a future Black Bottle Riot show. Last but not least my girlfriend Jessica and our kids for your endless patience and support, I love you! PMA!”

Last chance to see Black Bottle Riot in this line-up: 27th December at Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

Thank you Pieter for everything we shared. What a ride. You’re something else, buddy. – Simon, Jaap, Mike



Live clip for ‘Around The Sun’

We struck upon many beautiful sceneries when we crossed Spain last week, so we decided to catch some of the desert on film. We also brought a small field recorder and played an acoustic rendition of ‘Around The Sun’. It felt like the right time and the right place. Enjoy.

Release party = Sold Out

Yeah baby! Our third release party will be one hell of a party once again. All tickets are sold in presale, so no tickets available at the door. For those that miss out on this one: don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you! Promised.

See you Saturday!PLU-SOLD-OUT

Teasers of new tracks

Be sure to keep an eye on our FaceBook page, because we’ll upload some short videos with snippets of new tracks! “III: Indigo Blues” will be released September 11th 2015.

We started off last Wednesday with a fragment of ‘Heart Of Stone’. Until the release, we’ll follow it up with snippets from ‘Time & Time Again’ and maybe some more. Go HERE.

Here's a pic from back in 2007. Because we can.

Oh and here’s a pic from a rehearsal back in 2007. Because we can.

“III: Indigo Blues” Release

III: Indigo BluesOur third album “III: Indigo Blues” will be out Friday 11th September and we’ll celebrate it with YOU a week later at the Plu, Nijmegen! Show tickets over HERE.

This album is quite special to us. More than ‘Black Bottle Riot’ (debut album) and ‘Soul In Exile’ we feel this is a personal and intense album, full with heart felt emotion and sincerity. The theme that you’ll be able to trace back in every song – 9 songs in total, just under 45 minutes as a whole – is centered around personal stuff we’ve gone through in the past years. You might recognize some of it. As everyone experiences, life has its’ ups and downs. Sometimes it clashes together and kicks you down, because that’s life. We can’t hold it back. What we went through entered the mood of these new songs, which resulted in a nitty gritty, whimsical and intense album.

Hence the title; sometimes you feel blue, but when things take a turn and it gets darker than blue, there’s some sort of beauty in it. Indigo delivers the most intense colors of blue, just as life does.

So, we’re ready to shake off these blues with you all! Grab your ticket for the release party over HERE.

Hope to see you Saturday 19th September.
Simon, Mike, Jaap, Pieter

[Here's the LINK to the Facebook Event, so you can join us]



Wow Friends!

Thank you all for the massive response we received at the Teddy Widder stage at Down The Rabbit Hole 2015. We played some new tracks as well and you all ate it like hungry lions. An excellent way to round up before the summer break, as this was the last gig we did before preparing our release tour. More info on that later this week!

Cheers friends,
Simon, Mike, Jaap, Pieter

p.s. Chech here for some tasty pics of DTRH15!

Pic by Ariane van Ginneken 2015

Two festivals till Summer Break

Dear friends, before we prepare ourselves for the upcoming release of our third album Black Bottle Riot is featured on two festivals:

20th June @ Elektra Tuinfeest, Sliedrecht, with a.o. Hans Dulfer, Truckfighters and Yawns.

26th June @ Down The Rabbit Hole, Beuningen, with a.o. Ryan Adams, The War On Drugs and Seasick Steve.

See you there. If not, have a good summer and we’ll raise our glasses to you all in September! Release show is 19th September. More info to follow.

black bottle swimming team 3

Album #3 in the making

We have moved on in the last nine days. Without light, fresh air and a social life – but with something to smoke, drink and burn. We’ve emptied our system. It turned out a bit darker than you’ve heared before from us. We knew we wrote some heavy songs, but now we had to do them just and record them with the intensity they deserve. No compromises. This is where the dark soul lives.

It came out heavy and intense. Like the day coming down, putting out the last lights that embraced your presence. You’re cast aside, fighting a high tide. You’re in the dark and you have to make it till dawn. In solitude. Time & time again you thought there is a light out there, but it fell through. And again and again. What’s up with all that? Is it the devil on your shoulder? Aren’t we all trying to go around the sun and back? Aren’t we all sinners, trying to be better men and women despite the odds? Aren’t we all eventually becoming one with the dust?

Release is set for Autumn 2015.