Thank you, Groningen!

Thanx folks! We had a great time partying with you all at Noorderslag!

We only had 45 minutes to do our thing, but we experienced a great vibe of people that sang along (ha! some knew the words better than Mr Simon), clapped their hands and drank a beer or two. It felt like home from the first chord we struck. See here for some cool visuals at Cutting Edge. More footage later this week!

We couldn’t have thought of a better way to start 2014. We see our agendas filling up nicely for the upcoming months, so soon enough we’ll have more news about that.

And let’s not forget: contact to book BBR!

Black Bottle Riot Noorderslag-16-small

BBR @ Noorderslag 2014. Pic by Wouter Kamphuis.

Noorderslag 2014

BBR @ Noorderslag 2014. Pic by Wouter Kamphuis.

2014 starts at Noorderslag!

Hello out there friends,

Although we planned on blocking gig offers this January and February, we couldn’t say no to the ES/NS fest. We played Eurosonic January 2012 and it was a total blast. Now we’re invited to demolish the Oosterpoort upcoming Saturday and of course we hope to see you there! Make sure to come and drink a cold one with us if you’re there.

Looking back on 2013, we can say it was a great, busy year – hence the gig block for January and February – in which BBR made some real progress. Now let’s see… We recorded and released Soul In Exile (thanx Sven Lens, Wytse Sterk and all those at the sold out Doornroosje venue), found a new booking agency (, were featured in two books (Tof! and Bandeet), did a cool Cortonville tour with friends Gingerpig and Tenement Kids, played DWDD on December 5th and – last but certainly not least, hell yeah – we brewed our own BBR beer!

Now let’s make 2014 an even better year! Come and join the party at Noorderslag! If not, we’re looking forward to see y’all later this year. Some good stuff coming up!

Peace out – Simon, Jaap, Pieter, Mike

Bring out the champagne!


‘Stay Hungry’ & ‘Exit Spoiler’ live @ W2

Two live tracks from the Cortoville Presents tour with Tenement Kids and Gingerpig, November-December 2013. Thanks to the wonderful crew at W2 for shooting these vids. It was the third gig BBR played at W2 and we’re looking forward to the next one!