HOTDAMN. Thank you. Rockin’ Park & Zwarte Cross were TOTALLY INSANE.













Check this feature about Black Bottle Riot doin’ the Rockin’ Park gig, with some live video material and interviews as well.


Here are some cool articles on BBR’s summer festival gigs:


- Article in De Gelderlander, Rockin’ Park

- Review on Rockportaal, Rockin’ Park

Tante Rikie dug our gig as well, Zwarte Cross


See ya soon! BBR

Time to catch up with y’all

Howdee friends!

Hope you all are doing well. BBR sure is, too! We REALLY have to catch up with you guys, been a long time since we added some news on our website. That doesn’t mean we’re scratching our balls. Here’s some news and there soon will be more.


Recording process

First off, we’re having one hell of a party down at Studio Barbarossa. Tyrannosauric drums, rattling basses deeper than the U96, grindin’ & slidin’ guitars and some roaring vocals… It’s all there and it’s got the 4 C’s: Clarity, Color, Cut and some goddamn Carat! You know we like to do things at our own pace, so we need some time to round things off. Maybe Autumn? Who knows.