Pieter owns the fucking place

New Black Bottle Riot drummer Pieter Hendriks definitely wins the Award for Coolest First News Item. View these pics of his brand new drumsticks! No explanation needed.


So… Make sure you get your ass to our next gig for some earcrushing Rock ‘N’ Roll. This will be Pieter’s first BBR gig and it will be bad-ass, with some new material and all. Other acts on the bill are Elle Bandita and Birth Of Joy. Don’t miss out on it!


Rockin’ regards, BBR

New drummer! Welcome Pieter Hendriks!

Black Bottle Riot is very proud to announce their new drummer. His name is Pieter Hendriks. Pieter is an extremely talented and experienced musician. You might know him from one of his previous bands (to name a few: Born From Pain, Close Second and Johnny Cash tribute act The Orange Blossom Special).


This is what Jaap has to say about it: (meer…)