What’s up with that?

Black Bottle Riot is in the game, but what’s up with that name? Since we get a lot of questions about our name, we’ll come to meet your demands. BBR at your service!


Apart from the obvious mixture of a Southern vibe in “Black Bottle” & the hint of punky energy in the “Riot” part, there’s more to the story. The idea was originally derived from a historical film on the Crimean War, called “The Charge of the Light Brigade”. (meer…)

First gig was a blast!

Last night Black Bottle Riot had its first gig at the always chillin’ & thrillin’ Plu Pub in Nijmegen! This was a good showcase for us, as we had the honour of playing at the 62nd birthday of our good pal Bas Aaftink. (Don’t be fooled by his looks or chit-chat, he IS that old.)


The Pub was filled with a lotta music lovers and we had thirty minutes to show ‘em what we got. (meer…)

BBR records first demo

Last week BBR recorded four originals for their upcoming EP “Stay Hungry”. Here’s some info on the first day in the studio…

We decided to have an early start. While “early” isn’t really a word that fits the band, we managed to get to Hilversum at 10 A.M. sharp. First we had to take all the gear into the studio. Quite a struggle ‘cause we took all the amps and guitars we could lay our dirty hands on.

After setting up the amps and guitars we were ready for the soundcheck. (meer…)