Fall Tour 2018; 10 years of BBR

Dear friends, starting today we’ll hit the road again! We’re very excited now we can reach out to YOU, having spent the last months rehearsing at De Basis, recording and mixing at Galloway Studio, finally mastering at Hofa Studio in Germany… and now we’ve completed ‘FIRE’, our 4th album to date, we can warm up ourselves on the road. Release of ‘FIRE’ will be early 2019. More info to follow on that one.

As of now, we have booked some twelve or thirteen shows allover the Netherlands – not all are announced yet – so check if you can make it to one, two, three or all of the shows ;) This Fall’s tour will wrap it up at Doornroosje where we’ll celebrate 10 years of… running around, buzzing supersound, groovin’ profound, chasing the hellhound, standing our ground… you know, we’ll just build one helluva party – BBR style!

Here’s an oldie, from our first gig ever:

First BBR gig ever; March 8th 2008 at Plupub, Nijmegen.

First BBR gig ever; March 8th 2008 at Plupub, Nijmegen.


See you around the block! -SMJM-

“FIRE” coming up!

Dear friends,

The past few months have been quite busy and we’re now completing our 4th album which will be entitled FIRE. Slowly we’ll pick up where we left and get ready for the road Fall ’18. Tour will be all around the country. Expect lots of new songs when you see us live… we’re proud to present them to you.

More info about the release of the album and the accompanying release tour will follow.

Peace out – BBR

Odizafotografie Black Bottle Riot 042

Hello 2018!

Dear friends! We’re so glad 2018 is here and we hope you had a nice start of the new year, together with some good folks and a drink or two. We sure did at Royal in Mill last Saturday, where a lot of you showed up and welcomed 2018 with an old school night of 2 hours of our take on R’N'R.

A week earlier we said goodbye to 2017 in a proper way, in a sold out Doornroosje with YOU. What a night. We tested a bunch of new songs, which we are about to record in the studio next month. The tour in Spain last October was also very helpfull to test those new songs and we are proud to have had the opportunity to let them hear on Doornroosje to our loyal wolfpack of fans and friends. Thank YOU for a memorable night – and a big thank you to the great supporting bands Grim Tim and The Cowpokes, the nice ladies of Naaistreek that embroidered our new patches on your clothing on the spot and of course all the good folks at Doornroosje!!

Some of you sent us messages to ask what’s up with the delay of the fourth album and we highly appreciate your involvement with us. Sorry that we didn’t communicate about this earlier, but we were not sitting on our hands in the meantime. When you hit the studio with a rockband, anything can happen. We planned on recording our new album last April, but we felt we could get more out of our songs if we took more time to jam and see where it could take us. Now it’s almost 10 months later and we sure as hell are ready to record that album. So HELLO 2018! We’re anxious to share our brand new originals and you can expect to hear more from us on that matter soon enough.

Simon giving away a nice JD guitar at Doornroosje last week.

Simon giving away a nice Jack Daniel’s guitar at Doornroosje last week. Yeah, anything can happen at a BBR show! Pic by the lovely Marscha van Druuten.



Dear friends,

Together with YOU we had one hell of a great night at Doornroosje 28th December, which was the last of our Indigo Blues Tour. The supports The Liquid Machine and The Fuel gave it their best – thanx guys! Our last-of-the-year-celebration gig was a short one for us (just over 80 minutes), but we managed to include 3 new originals. Thank you for such an enthusiastic response – simply WOW! More pics over here.

Since we are currently writing our next album, we will not play any shows before we come out of the studio. We need to focus and we want to make it another piece of music we can be proud of. Our current planning is that we will be available for gigs in May or June 2017. Till then!

Peace out – Simon, Jaap, Mark & Mike


* New drummer: Mark Weerts *

Dear friends, we’re very pleased to let you know that Black Bottle Riot is back on the road after 4 months. In the meantime we’ve been jamming, rehearsing and writing with our new drummer Mark Weerts. This is the only line-up change we’ve gone thru since our take off in 2008. We’ve known Mark for quite some years now. Mark was already a longtime regular in our touring van, whether he filled in for Pieter on drums, drank our backstage beers and whiskey, cut some backing vocals on studio albums, or appeared in video clips (check this one, back in 2011!). It feels as if he was some sort of a band member already, just as we feel our crew is too.


fltr: Mike, Simon, Mark & Jaap.

But nonetheless this feels somewhat like starting a new band, because the chemistry within the band is totally different than before. We knew this was coming; when a wolfpack loses one member, there’s no going back to the old ways and days. All is new. And change can be a good thing.

We feel very blessed to come out of this with a line-up that’s very promising and endurable. Make sure you join the vibe and come to a gig. Black Bottle Riot will not play a ton of shows this summer, so grab your chance when it’s there. We’ve always been in it for the long run: not for hypes, quick success and/or instant gratification. Don’t rush it, but don’t lay back either. Good work needs time.

Can you spot Mark in this band & crew pic? You might recognize the pic from the cd version of ‘III: Indigo Blues’. [click to enlarge]

waalbrug groot_tn

See you on the road! Simon, Mike, Jaap & Mark

End of 2015: Closure

BBR line-up 2008-2015

Last Sunday we closed 2015 with a very special gig in our hometown Nijmegen. Thank all of you for coming out and making Pieter’s last gig on BBR drums one hell of a party. In the past 7 and a half years we’ve written, composed, rehearsed, recorded, toured, laughed, fought, smoked and drank till we couldn’t see. That chapter now ends. There couldn’t have been a better way to round it off at the beautiful venue of Doornroosje with so many friends, as well onstage as in front it. Backing vocalists Floor and PennyLeen did an awesome job on ten songs, with the added fuel of Mike Roelofs on Hammond organ and Moog bass plus our buddy and producer Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt on guitars and vocals. This gave us wings and we feel like we took off during the show. What better metaphor can you think of, considering?

BBR won’t quit since we’ve got that rambling fever. We’re very excited to inform you in the near future about our new drummer!

Thanx Pieter ‘Bakkie’ Hendriks! Love, Simon, Jaap & Mike

P.S. Pics of the Doornroosje show can be found HERE (Ariane van Ginneke) and HERE (Marscha van Druuten).

Statement from Pieter Hendriks

Dear friends, here’s a personal message from drummer extraordinaire Pieter Hendriks.

“All good things come to an end. With that said I’m announcing my retirement as the drummer for Black Bottle Riot. After seven awesome years with great shows, tours and comradery I’ve entered a new phase in my life. It’s not possible to commit myself to playing live as much as needed to make this machine called Black Bottle Riot work, so that’s why the four of us agreed to look for a new drummer.

I want to thank Mike, Simon and Jaap for all the great memories. The endless hours spend in vans, studios, clubs, backstages and mainly all the great times at restaurants feasting on food, beer and whiskey. I love you like a family.

Before I was asked to join this band I was a big fan and that’s the way I’ll leave this band: as a fan. I wish the boys all the luck in the world with my replacement – which is going to be an amazing new chapter for this band.

Musically I’m going to focus on The Establishment, my other band with Jaap on guitar. Who knows what else will cross my path in time.

From the bottom of my heart I would like to take this moment to thank some amazing people I’ve worked with and became friends with during my time in Black Bottle Riot: the roadcrew Sebastiaan “si” Kemperman & David “Limbo” Stevens (Get to the chopper!), Bart & Suburban Records, Dikke Ivo, Jerome, Emiel El Pinguino, Roen Kutten, Vleeskind Ruben, Hanza, Svenlens, Rob Roadie, Ploom, Van Bijlevelt, Tuk, Skimp, Vicious Veltman, Frank “Tequila” Drank, Tim van Delft and the ladies from De Staat, Mioch, Weerts, Ivo “how do I tune down?” van Kempen, all the awesome people in the Nijmegen rockcity scene, (almost) all the bands we ever played with, all our fans and if I forgot to mention anybody; text me and I’ll buy you a beer during a future Black Bottle Riot show. Last but not least my girlfriend Jessica and our kids for your endless patience and support, I love you! PMA!”

Last chance to see Black Bottle Riot in this line-up: 27th December at Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

Thank you Pieter for everything we shared. What a ride. You’re something else, buddy. – Simon, Jaap, Mike



Release party = Sold Out

Yeah baby! Our third release party will be one hell of a party once again. All tickets are sold in presale, so no tickets available at the door. For those that miss out on this one: don’t worry, we’ll make it up to you! Promised.

See you Saturday!PLU-SOLD-OUT

Teasers of new tracks

Be sure to keep an eye on our FaceBook page, because we’ll upload some short videos with snippets of new tracks! “III: Indigo Blues” will be released September 11th 2015.

We started off last Wednesday with a fragment of ‘Heart Of Stone’. Until the release, we’ll follow it up with snippets from ‘Time & Time Again’ and maybe some more. Go HERE.

Here's a pic from back in 2007. Because we can.

Oh and here’s a pic from a rehearsal back in 2007. Because we can.

“III: Indigo Blues” Release

III: Indigo BluesOur third album “III: Indigo Blues” will be out Friday 11th September and we’ll celebrate it with YOU a week later at the Plu, Nijmegen! Show tickets over HERE.

This album is quite special to us. More than ‘Black Bottle Riot’ (debut album) and ‘Soul In Exile’ we feel this is a personal and intense album, full with heart felt emotion and sincerity. The theme that you’ll be able to trace back in every song – 9 songs in total, just under 45 minutes as a whole – is centered around personal stuff we’ve gone through in the past years. You might recognize some of it. As everyone experiences, life has its’ ups and downs. Sometimes it clashes together and kicks you down, because that’s life. We can’t hold it back. What we went through entered the mood of these new songs, which resulted in a nitty gritty, whimsical and intense album.

Hence the title; sometimes you feel blue, but when things take a turn and it gets darker than blue, there’s some sort of beauty in it. Indigo delivers the most intense colors of blue, just as life does.

So, we’re ready to shake off these blues with you all! Grab your ticket for the release party over HERE.

Hope to see you Saturday 19th September.
Simon, Mike, Jaap, Pieter

[Here's the LINK to the Facebook Event, so you can join us]



Wow Friends!

Thank you all for the massive response we received at the Teddy Widder stage at Down The Rabbit Hole 2015. We played some new tracks as well and you all ate it like hungry lions. An excellent way to round up before the summer break, as this was the last gig we did before preparing our release tour. More info on that later this week!

Cheers friends,
Simon, Mike, Jaap, Pieter

p.s. Chech here for some tasty pics of DTRH15!

Pic by Ariane van Ginneken 2015

Two festivals till Summer Break

Dear friends, before we prepare ourselves for the upcoming release of our third album Black Bottle Riot is featured on two festivals:

20th June @ Elektra Tuinfeest, Sliedrecht, with a.o. Hans Dulfer, Truckfighters and Yawns.

26th June @ Down The Rabbit Hole, Beuningen, with a.o. Ryan Adams, The War On Drugs and Seasick Steve.

See you there. If not, have a good summer and we’ll raise our glasses to you all in September! Release show is 19th September. More info to follow.

black bottle swimming team 3

Album #3 in the making

We have moved on in the last nine days. Without light, fresh air and a social life – but with something to smoke, drink and burn. We’ve emptied our system. It turned out a bit darker than you’ve heared before from us. We knew we wrote some heavy songs, but now we had to do them just and record them with the intensity they deserve. No compromises. This is where the dark soul lives.

It came out heavy and intense. Like the day coming down, putting out the last lights that embraced your presence. You’re cast aside, fighting a high tide. You’re in the dark and you have to make it till dawn. In solitude. Time & time again you thought there is a light out there, but it fell through. And again and again. What’s up with all that? Is it the devil on your shoulder? Aren’t we all trying to go around the sun and back? Aren’t we all sinners, trying to be better men and women despite the odds? Aren’t we all eventually becoming one with the dust?

Release is set for Autumn 2015.


Thank you!

Thanx for a great year! We’re in this together, friends.


New album in the works

Good news, friends! At this moment we’re writing a bunch of new tracks for our third album, which we will record early 2015. As you may know, we like to move everything around a little bit. This means we won’t revisit the exact same paths we already stepped on. Prepare for some tracks that show we’re ready to expand our musical horizon a bit with tougher riffs, more exotic tunings and moody atmospheres.
We recorded our debut solely by ourselves and for our second album we went to producer/engineer Sven Lens. Sebastiaan van Bijlevelt will produce our third album at Galloway Studios. He’s a gentle and out-of-the-box thinking fella, who has worked with our dear friends of Shaking Godspeed and Automatic Sam as well. Release date will be set at mid-late autumn 2015.


Cheers y’all. BBR


Open Season

BBR opened the festival season with a BANG at Paaspop, Schijndel! Thanx for the great response at Bart’s THUNDERBOLT stage. We’re in this together, folks. Let’s enjoy the ride.

These pics are shot by De Koen Rutten. More over here!

Back on the Road

Last week we played our first two shows in almost two months – Noorderslag was the last before our break – and it was great. Thanx to the stages Tivoli (Utrecht) and Luxor Live (Arnhem) and our fellas in Black Stone Cherry, Shaking Godspeed and Texas Radio! And of course to the good folks we met at the shows – especially the ones we hung out with at BOTH shows!

Looking forward to hit the road again. Next week we’ll visit Kroepoekfabiek (Vlaardingen) and the almighty Plufest in our hometown. This last one is very special for us. Read over here why.

Here are some pics of last week. Smokin’ Tivoli Oudegracht while we can!

At The Juke Joint Tour coming up


New tour coming up! We joined hands with two lowdown and dirty bands… We’ll get in the van with the insane Shaking Godspeed (new album coming up!) and gutbucket groovers Texas Radio (bluesy organ and slide stuff!) just to make sure you all will waste your hard earned cash on some beers and gutsy merch. Check this poster and our agenda for dates. Hangover with a huge strap-on included.
Suburban Sleazy Listening

Two Tall Southern Tribute Tales

Hey friends,

A lot of you came out to the Southern Tibute shows we participated in, so thank YOU for your presence and ambiance! We had a great time paying hommage to the greats of Lynyrd Skynyrd (January 23rd and 24th) and The Allman Brothers Band (February 6th). As for now, these are the only dates we did these tribute shows.

A great deal of the fun was the line-up of both tributes, which allowed us to work together with some great musicians and personalities. The Lynyrd Skynyrd Tribute consisted of Mark from Dead Man’s Curse on vocals, Mike & the Mellotones’ Lorenzo on drums and Marike Jager’s HJ. Together with BBR’s Jaap on bass, Simon and Mike on guitar they played a good 70 minutes of Skynyrd classics. Freeeeeeeeeeeebird!

The Allman Brothers Band Tribute was centered around De Staat’s Vedran on guitar. He choose his bandmate Tim and Drive Like Maria’s Bram on drums, DeWolff’s Pablo and Robin on guitars and organ, Soylent Green’s Marco on vocals and BBR’s Mike on bass. Luckily enough there was a cunning man who brought his video camera to the show (thank you, Paul!). Especially for those that missed out on this great night.

Here’s the FULL show on YouTube. Turn it up and ENJOY!

Thank you, Groningen!

Thanx folks! We had a great time partying with you all at Noorderslag!

We only had 45 minutes to do our thing, but we experienced a great vibe of people that sang along (ha! some knew the words better than Mr Simon), clapped their hands and drank a beer or two. It felt like home from the first chord we struck. See here for some cool visuals at Cutting Edge. More footage later this week!

We couldn’t have thought of a better way to start 2014. We see our agendas filling up nicely for the upcoming months, so soon enough we’ll have more news about that.

And let’s not forget: contact frank@whippingpostmusic.com to book BBR!

Black Bottle Riot Noorderslag-16-small

BBR @ Noorderslag 2014. Pic by Wouter Kamphuis.

Noorderslag 2014

BBR @ Noorderslag 2014. Pic by Wouter Kamphuis.

2014 starts at Noorderslag!

Hello out there friends,

Although we planned on blocking gig offers this January and February, we couldn’t say no to the ES/NS fest. We played Eurosonic January 2012 and it was a total blast. Now we’re invited to demolish the Oosterpoort upcoming Saturday and of course we hope to see you there! Make sure to come and drink a cold one with us if you’re there.

Looking back on 2013, we can say it was a great, busy year – hence the gig block for January and February – in which BBR made some real progress. Now let’s see… We recorded and released Soul In Exile (thanx Sven Lens, Wytse Sterk and all those at the sold out Doornroosje venue), found a new booking agency (frank@whippingpostmusic.com), were featured in two books (Tof! and Bandeet), did a cool Cortonville tour with friends Gingerpig and Tenement Kids, played DWDD on December 5th and – last but certainly not least, hell yeah – we brewed our own BBR beer!

Now let’s make 2014 an even better year! Come and join the party at Noorderslag! If not, we’re looking forward to see y’all later this year. Some good stuff coming up!

Peace out – Simon, Jaap, Pieter, Mike

Bring out the champagne!


Merch package sale

Affordable merch price tags have been one of our main focus points since we started out. To close off this year and start the new one in style we have this merch package offer for all Dutch orders: choose a shirt + choose a CD + 7″ + shipping costs = just 20 euros. Send your order to shop@blackbottleriot.com and we’ll hook you up!

More info on sale items can be viewed in our shop.

Dutch orders only

Dutch orders only

BBR @ HMH with ZZ Top

MrBFGMark Tuesday 24th June 2014 in your agendas, friends. We’ll be rolling with the Big Dogs of ZZ TOP!

Ticket sales starts today over HERE. Get ‘em while you can. Last two shows of ZZ Top at HMH were totally sold out.

DWDD videos

Many thanx to the wonderful production crew of DWDD last night! We sure had a blast!
Let it be known to the organizers of festivals, clubs and pubs: book Black Bottle Riot for 2014! Booking contact thru frank@whippingpostmusic.com.

Here are the full length vids:


(With abrupt end because time was up. Hahahahilarious.)

Recap of Release show 25/10/2013

Hey friends, here’s a short video to revisit our release show at a sold out Doornroosje.
Thank you all for showing up & making this night one helluva party. PANG PANG!

BBR @ DWDD, Thursday 5th December

Extra Extra – read all about BBR

Dandy Mike in Bandeet

Hey friends, it has been a month exactly since we released our second album. Things are looking good for us! We did a couple of nice gigs allover the country and we have a lot of ‘em in front of us. This means we have some time to kill in the back of the van, which isn’t quite so bad when you have road music, a couple of brewskis and some cool books. Books?

Later this week we’ll post some reviews of Soul in Exile and live gigs, but this news item is about old fashioned books. Yes. Books. We love ‘em.

Black Bottle Riot is prominently featured on a couple of pages in these two brand new, hard cover books.


* ‘Bandeet‘ by Tefke van Dijk and Nienke van Hunen. ‘Bandeet’ contains some real good culinary stories about bands on the road. Nienke is a wonderful chef and she has prepared many a meal at Doornroosje. Her neighbour Tefke is a journalist and she came up with the idea of interviewing artists with a focus on food on the road. Besides BBR, it features a.o. White Denim, Ron Sexsmith, Textures, Eefje de Visser and a LOT more. It also contains a lot of favorite recipes by featured artists, so this is really our cup of tea… uh, hot sauce! View the book digitally HERE and order your copy HERE.





* ‘Tof‘ by Frank Antonie van Alphen. Nowadays Nijmegen has a healthy and lively music scene, but ‘Tof’ proves that this has been a continuous force since the fifties. Journalist Van Alphen has spent the last few years interviewing a wide variety of artistic generations, which results in a book that is obviously well cared for. It features not only BBR, but also past bands of some of us, a lot of friends and a couple of artists that hit the charts big time. We never hid our love for Nijmegen City and ‘Tof’ proves here’s another way to appreciate what the Waalcity has to offer. Read more about it HERE.




Bandeet release with Mr Simon Snel

‘Bandeet’ release with f.l.t.r. writer Tefke, chef Nienke, Mr Simon Snel, Mr Textures and Mrs Eefje de Visser.

THANK YOU FOR 25-10-2013!

Dear friends, THANK YOU for one of the best nights we ever had! Our release party was an insane PARTY indeed, as well as a great way to start off our tour to bring Soul In Exile to you all.


Jawohl, ausverkauft

Around 8 p.m. we got the word that the last ticket had been sold. We worked our asses off to promote our release party and we’re very thankful that our fans showed up from all over the place – we spoke folks all the way from Groningen, Assen, Amsterdam, Germany, Eindhoven, Heerlen, Goes and Antwerpen. Plus – last, but certainly not least – all the lovely friends from the wider area of our beloved hometown of Nijmegen, obviously.

After a great 40 minute set by our friends of The Heat, the crowd was pumped up real good. We knew this quartet would be up for the task of revoking some atmospheres from the great days of rock, influenced by the likes of Peter Green and Canned Heat. Keep those killer boogie riffs comin’ and good luck recording your new lowdown grooves this December with mister Xavier T.

We always do our best to show our fans we care a lot about them. Last night was no exception. For instance, we brewed our own Black Bottle Riot beer exclusively for this night. One tasty drink for sure : a double beer, full taste, 7%. Those present sure as hell did their best to down the other brewskis as well, resulting in Doornroosje having sold out bottled Hertog Jan beers before we even struck our first chord. A new record. The lovely people of Pie In The Sky provided each and every visitor with a free pie to go with the drinks, so remember that name when you feel an appetite coming up. They deserve it.

Bubblegum chewin' rhythm boys

Pic by Willie Kerkhof

When we entered stage just past half ten, the ambience couldn’t have been better. It felt like we melted together with the crowd. Well, maybe we really did. Our dedicated female backing vocalists Floor & Tatum added warmth, soul and scope to our songs. Two angels by our side. After a dynamic set of 100+ minutes we were in a mixed state of euphoria, gratitude, pride and relief. Don Gio and Don Dus revved it up with a raunchy set of ghetto funk, causing masses of feet shufflin’ around. Hot on the one! You guys and gals took a shitload of merchandise with you on the way out, which we really appreciate. We’ll update our brand new website with pics of the new merchandise as soon as possible, so you can see what we have instore as well. Interested? Send a message to shop@blackbottleriot.com and wear it with pride.

After Doornroosje wiped the last visitors out, a lot of you came down to our late night home base: NDRGRND. There the gang continued and concluded this wonderful night with waaaaaay too much liquor shots. Luckily we flushed it down with some BBR beer, as we yelled in each other’s ears that the DJ was the BOMB. It’s not entirely possible to recollect how we found our way home, but apperently we did. We hope all of you did as well, in good health and ditto mood.

So… THANK YOU, beerdrinkers & hellraisers! See you on the road!
X – Simon, Mike, Jaap & Pieter

P.S. Go HERE for some pics by our good friend Mike Nicolaassen.

Clip for ‘Soul In Exile’

Hey Friends!

Here it is, the first single of our new album! SOUL IN EXILE. Release party is set at Doornroosje, Nijmegen, for 25th of October. Be sure to get your tickets fast on doornroosje.nl.

Of course, the single can also be found at:
- iTunes
- Deezer
- Spotify

Make sure you know the words at the 25th!
Love – Simon, Jaap, Pieter, Mike

Flyer for release party

http://blackbottleriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/flyer1.jpgHey friends, visit our facebook page and view the flyer for our next big party! It features the artwork for our album and as you can see it’s sharp as a razor. Some exciting release tour dates will follow soon!

New Album Out This Autumn

http://blackbottleriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/promo-small.jpgFriends! Our second album is finished and that means CHEERS to all!
Mark Friday October 25th 2013 in your agendas, because we’ll throw one hell of a release party at Doornroosje, Nijmegen.

Buy tickets

New Booking Agent


http://blackbottleriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/Image00005.jpgHere’s a short message while we’re finishing the recordings in the studio.
As of May 2nd all our bookings will be handled by Frank Kimenai at Whipping Post Music. YES!

This is what Frank states about working with bands: “I work with artists that have a sincere and authentic signature, and I strife towards building a recognizable artistic signature for this booking agency as well. What you see is what you get, basically. No bullshit, no hypes, no one-hit-wonders, but plain, honest music, by plain, honest artists, brought to you in a plain and honest way”.

We felt right at home! We’re really looking forward to working with Whipping Post Music.

Contact Frank here: e-mail frank@whippingpostmusic.com or tel: +31(0)618816142

Peace out – BBR

Recording new album


At this very moment Black Bottle Riot is working hard on their second full-length album. The boys work together with Sven Lens of As Loud As Studios, known of his work with among others Willy Nelson, Trijntje Oosterhuis and Snoop Doggy Dogg. It will be an all killer – no filler, groove laden album with dirty riffs and pounding beats, recorded LIVE at the studio. KABOOM! Click HERE or on the collage above to view more pics.

Cheers – BBR


‘The Little Things’ clip & give-away

During four recent days of writing, composing and arranging songs for our second album in the most beautiful Normandy, France, we also shot a video for ‘The Little Things’. This is an album track that means a lot to us, but we never played it live. Maybe someday. Lay back & enjoy this one.



On our FaceBook page we organised a competition, where fans could win a BBR goodiebag by sharing this new video. Congrats, Jimmi Vos! The goodiebag is coming your way!

Merch update

We just updated our merch page. Get your cd’s, vinyl, shirts, caps, buttons and whatnot while supplies last. Click HERE to see what’s instore. And notice the customer friendly prices, folks!

This Sunday: BBQ @ 7″ winner’s location

http://blackbottleriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/IMG_33831.jpgWhen we released our 7″ last June, we inserted some golden vouchers in the 7″. First prize: a very special BBQ for you and 25 (!) friends at your location, including loads of good meat & homemade salads, a couple of bottles of Jack Daniel’s and – of course – a live set by Black Bottle Riot.

Well ladies & gentlemen, we have a #1 winner. Upcoming Sunday we’ll be heading down to Ijmuiden to make sure the Philipsen family and their friends have one of the best parties of their lives! We’re very much looking forward to this, as this is again an opportunity to THANK our fans. We care about all y’all, know that.



Our first 7″ ‘In The Balance’ is out now!

http://blackbottleriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/06/BBRgoudenwikkel-500x500.jpg Good news for the vinyl freaks. Black Bottle Riot is proud to announce the release of our first 7″! It features the slippin’ & slidin’ track “In The Balance” and the raunchy boogie of “Exit Spoiler”. Order your copy right here and WIN a BBQ at your home for you and 25 friends where we’ll play a live set as well! We came up with some other cool prizes as well, so check it out.


As you know, we like to party with our audience whenever we can. Check out these pics of our 7″ releaseparty at the lovely Kids ‘N’ Billies festival, which we headlined June 16th. Some great guests joined us onstage: Xavier from The Gospel on keys, Southern Belles Floor & Tatum sang some angelic backing vocals and we brought the shaking Sensation Cheerleaders with us. Not to forget BBQ master Jaap ‘Skimpy Jizzle’, who served fresh grilled chicken and some liters of liquor shots right from the stage! How’s that for a party!?



According to the press…

http://blackbottleriot.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/09/black_bottle_riot_luxor_live-27-04-12_0459.jpgHere’s a little bit of R’N'R poetry for all you bleeding hearts. Some reviews and pics of gigs we did in April 2012.

Live @ Paaspop, Zieuwent

What a crazy party! Gotta love this quick peak from the side of the stage…
[BTW: HERE's what 3voor12 wrote about it. Thanx!]

21st April: Recordstore Day

Hi all! We’ll be playing two instore gigs at the Recordstore Day, Saturday 21st April. Will sound quite different since we’re going to mix our arrangements and instrumentarium up a bit. Should be interesting!

13:00h sharp: Kroese, Nijmegen.
15:30h sharp: Velvet, Ede.
Both sets will last 30 minute-ish.


Drop in if you feel like it!

Helluva year comin’ up!

Friends! This is gonna be a good year for Black Bottle Riot. We kicked it off @ Eurosonic/Noorderslag in Groningen last week and it was a KILLER NITE. 100% Party. We’ll be comin’ your way sometime this year. Contact our booking agent (kevin@sozconcerts.nl) if you want to be totally sure of that.


So… Got the debut record? Got the T-shirt? All designs of ‘em? Well, at this moment we’re recording a couple of NEW TRACKS for a 10″ record. VINYL indeed. Totally fresh originals by yours truly, thus prepare to expand your BBR merch collection this Spring.


And folks, if you like to read and your outta books: check this BBR interview at NU.NL. Or this review plus interview in FRET magazine. Cheers!


Live @ Paradiso, Amsterdam

Thanx to the following folks for a great “Let It Snow Tour” this December: our buddies in De Staat & their great roadcrew, the nice bunch of people that work at W2, MC Schaaf, Metropool & Paradiso, the party-cyco audience that came out to the shows, the maniacs who filmed the shows and put ‘em on YouTube, and – certainly not least – the BBR (for this tour) down-sized, wonderful roadcrew of Rob Roadie & Vicious Veltman.


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